Meet Jessica - Former Co-President

How did SBC enhance your MIT experience?

SBC provided me the opportunity to complement my technical education at MIT with an education in business and soft skills, especially through the Board Education Program my freshman year. It also gave me a network of incredibly accomplished and knowledgeable peers and alumni who were always willing to give advice or tell me about their experiences.

What was your favorite SBC memory?

My favorite SBC memories are the bonding events that we have. Our annual retreat was always a fun time to get away from campus and catch up with everyone in the club. I also loved getting to try out some of Boston's fine dining during our focus group dinners.

If you could go back to your freshman year, what would you do differently?

If I could go back to my freshman year, I would have traveled or done MISTI my freshman summer instead of doing an internship. You only have so many chances to take advantage of MIT's programs abroad, and I think freshman summer is a great time to do so.

What was your favorite class you took at MIT and why?One of my favorite classes at MIT was The Art and Science of Negotiation (11.011). It was an incredible learning experience unlike any other class at MIT. We got to practice our negotiation skills every week in mock negotiations in class, and our professor always encouraged us to have reflective and insightful discussions as a class. It was also nice to have a class that didn't have psets!

Where will you be working after graduation and what brought you there?

I'll be working at J.P. Morgan in investment banking after graduation. Each summer, I've gradually shifted from more software-focused to more finance-focused internships, as I found what interested and excited me.


Jessica Li

Co-president of SBC from 2016-2017

Currently works at JP Morgan in Investment Banking