The Finance Initiative has the aim of giving members a solid understanding of finance concepts and tools useful to not only in the professional sense but also towards basic financial literacy needed in many different industries.

Our curriculum covers valuation (qualitative methods, ratio analysis, basic accounting, pro formas, free cash flow, and discounted cash flow models), various financial instruments (bonds, options, binomial pricing, etc), and portfolio theory (CAPM, Greeks, portfolio construction, etc).  We incorporate hands-on exercises ranging from case studies to original company analysis into every lesson in order to simulate the action-based learning of the workplace. We also have a coordinated speaker series to enrich our curriculum through diverse industry perspectives.


We aim to give members a genuine experience in both fundamental and quantitative investing to prepare our members for their future careers in the finance industry; we designed our curriculum to provide foundational knowledge essential for investing and trading. 

Specific projects:

Each member is currently working towards building a full DCF (discounted cash flow model).