MIT Stock Pitch Competition

Sponsored by Seeking Alpha


Sloan Business Club will be hosting its first Seeking Alpha Stock Pitch Competition, bringing together MIT students from across majors and departments. Students will compete individually or in teams of up to four and present their original stock pitches to our panel of distinguished judges. Participants should actively use both online and academic resources to complete their pitches, as content submitted to the competition is meant to approximate the research produced by professional asset managers and buy/sell-side analysts.

Our judges will be Looking for long or short recommendations and an investment thesis with compelling arguments and sourced information that is also backed by clear analysis and in-depth research. All pitches must be submitted and published on Seeking Alpha to be considered for the competition.

Article payments ($35-$500) will be given for every pitch that is published exclusively on Seeking Alpha. The winning team will also receive six-months free access to Seeking Alpha PRO ($1,200 value), recognition on their contributor profiles, and an invitation to Seeking Alpha's Ultimate Competition in NYC.

Entry into this competition is free of charge.



- Individuals and/or teams (2-4 individuals) can participate.

- If participating as a team, teams must designate one person to be the team contact.

- Multiple individuals and/or teams can participate from one particular club.

- Individuals/teams not associated with a student organization may participate.

- The pitch must be submitted to Seeking Alpha in article form (though it is not guaranteed to be selected for publication - see guidelines below).

- The article must be submitted to Seeking Alpha exclusively if article payment is desired.

- The article must be published on Seeking Alpha to be entered into the competition.


Registration: Open
Registration Deadline: Sunday, October 16
Pitch Publication Deadline: Sunday, October 23*
Finalists notified: Sunday, October 30

Final Round: Sunday, November 6

*Since pitches submitted to Seeking Alpha often get returned to students with feedback and requested revisions, we strongly recommend that students submit their pitch by October 16, 2016


Content Guidelines

- Pitches must be a Long or Short idea on a single stock, or a pair trade.

- Pitches should be a minimum of 2 pages long, with no maximum.

Individuals/teams should select a stock from the Nasdaq, NYSE, or NYSE Amex, with a market capitalization of greater than $500 million.

- All content must represent the author's own work.

- All images must have a source (if it is the authors' work, please provide a source for data used), and all non-obvious information must also have a source, preferably a link.

- The pitch should briefly introduce the company, but then should focus on the author's analysis and opinion, rather than reporting widely known information about the company.

- See Written Pitch Judging Criteria for suggestions on how to submit a strong pitch.


pitch Judging criteria

- Does the author(s) support his/her thesis and recommendation with compelling arguments, sourced information, and clear analysis?

- Does the author(s} show an understanding for the discussed company and its industry or sector, as well as broader trends relevant to the company?

- Does the author(s) explain the valuation of the company and the company's financial state?

- Does the author(s) explain the market's consensus view on the stock, and make a case for why it is wrong?

- Does the author(s) appropriately address the risks and/or variant view on this stock, and assess what could go wrong with the thesis?

- Does the author(s) provide catalysts or drivers that will lead his/her thesis to play out?

- Does the author(s) make the case for an asymmetric risk/reward in the stock?

- Does the author(s) present an original thesis on the stock?