When new members are invited to join SBC, they join the Board Education Program (BEP) before becoming general board members. BEP gives new members a foundational background in business and networking. The program also seeks to provide new members with an overview of SBC and its various initiatives. Further, it prepares new members to join and immediately start contributing toward the initiative of their choice at the conclusion of BEP.

The program begins immediately following SBC week in the fall, and concludes at the end of the fall semester. BEP will begin by introducing fundamental business concepts such as economics, basic accounting, current events, professional development, and employer hiring processes. After, BEP will introduce new members to the different focus groups of SBC, commonly referred to as initiatives. Through engaging, case-based learning, new members will explore finance, consulting, and entrepreneurship. New members will also complete team and independent presentation projects that allow each individual a chance to take a deeper look at their own areas of interest. These projects develop the essential skillsets needed to be successful when new members join their chosen initiative as an SBC general board member. Further, the exposure obtained from the BEP projects give new members a competitive advantage when seeking out business related employment opportunities.

SBC is more than just a professional organization; it is a social network with friendships that extend long past graduation. During BEP, new members will develop invaluable relationships that shape their time at MIT. BEP works to develop new members as friends and colleagues.

The SBC BEP directors look forward to meeting the BEP 2019 class and learning together during the fall semester!